About The Mohel


Rabbi Schneur Perman​,

Originally from Santiago Chile, he later received his Rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Yeruslavski, the Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Malachi, Israel.

Rabbi Perman spent several years studying and mastering the code of Jewish law and the  secrets of Kabbala.


Now married and the proud father of a beautiful baby girl, he resides with his family in Overland Park, Kansas.



Rabbi Perman trained under the Brit Avot foundation in Jerusalem as well as with the International Brit Association in New York. He has interned under several top mohelim including Rabbi Israel Heller, Rabbi Levi Heber, and Rabbi Aaron Kraimer.


Certified in 2010, Rabbi Perman was trained to be attentive to all important medical and halachic issues, with a proficiency in the latest medical technology and information.

What Area Do We Service?

Services are provided throughout the United States and Canada. In particular, we service the midwest states of Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, & Oklahoma. With our base being in Overland Park, KS.


For information about your particular location, contact Rabbi Schneur Perman.

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