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A new life has begun

Mazal Tov


The birth of a child is a beautiful miracle, a milestone worthy of celebration. It is from this breathtaking moment that parents begin to nurture and provide for their newborn in every way.Starting with ushering him into his heritage through the eternal celebration of Bris Mila—ritual circumcision.

If you are looking for a meaningful ceremony, Contact us for a free consultation 913-735-3298 

Services Provided

  • For a free professional consultation, call 913-537-3298

  • The Bris can be performed the location of your choice. It can be at your home, synagogue or we can arrange that for you.

  • ​Specializing in circumcision for infants up to 6 months old. For children beyond 6 months, call Rabbi Perman to discuss the available options, it varies from case to case.

I was privileged to be the Sandeck at my great grandson's Brit Milah. Rabbi Schneur Perman officiated as the Mohel. Rabbi Perman is extremely knowledgeable and able to explain in lay terms the history and meaning behind the religious ceremony. He is exceptionally capable to perform the Brit Milah. As a retired surgeon, I can attest to his capability. I would highly recommend Rabbi Schneur Perman as a Mohel. Edward E Haith, MD

Dr. Edward E. Haith

January 2018 Overland Park

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